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Our desire is to keep in touch with all our friends (family) at New Hope Calvary Church with updated news and devotion from Pastor Al.

Greetings to friends and family,

Spring is upon us, a time of renewal.  Unusual winter rains have brought a Super-Bloom to the desert, making for exceptional beauty. 

God sends the rain, both physical and spiritual.  In the spirit He will send as much as we will receive.  I pray that in this season we will open our hearts and drink in all God has for us.

May we soon see a Super-Bloom and great harvest for the kingdom, which is of great beauty to God.

Shepherd's   corner

In society today many feel helpless and emasculated by an economy spiraling out of control.  Corporate greed and elected leaders lacking common sense and moral direction have given many a sense of hopelessness.

Asaph, the lead worship leader in Israel under King David, wrote in Psalm 73 about similar conditions in his day.

He saw the prosperity of the wicked, that they were prideful and didn’t seem to suffer like other men.  They were corrupt and oppressive with no concern for right.  They were rich in possessions yet mocked heaven and the most high God.

Asaph despaired and questioned,

 “Is walking with God worth it?”

Then he went in to the sanctuary of God and understood their end.  He saw their destruction and how in moments they were utterly consumed with terror.

Asaph was convicted for his foolishness and ignorance in a moment of weakness.

He would say, “Who have I in heaven but You, and there is none on earth that I desire but You”.  God is our strength and our portion forever. 

Walking with God is worth it!!


Our bailout is coming…..Soon!!!

In His Service,

Pastor Al

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