Monthly updates

Our desire is to keep in touch with all our friends (family) at New Hope Calvary Church with a monthly newsletter and devotion from Pastor Al.

Greetings... friends and family,

Again Welcome Back Snowsheep!

It’s that time of year, filled with activities, and the business of the season that can often overwhelm the reason for the season.

The men’s Bible Studies are on hold till the New Year and a women’s Study and Life Group will soon begin.

The Live Drive Through Nativity is just around the corner on December 10 & 11 from 5:30-9:30pm, and again it is always a miracle to how God raises up so many to faithfully invest their time and service to bless so many thousands over the years.

For those of you who know to get in the circle, now is the time to bow the knee and Thank Him for another year of blessing and say, ‘LORD here am I Send me’.

In His Service,
Pastor Al 

Shepherd's   corner



As a child I grew up in poverty, in a one bedroom house with no air and no phone in Midwest humidity.  My bedroom was a converted old well room barely large enough for a single bed. 

I had a wonderful childhood because sometimes ignorance is bliss.  At Christmas, we couldn’t have a tree because my brother had asthma; couldn’t afford to feed a dog; and bicycles were too dangerous (expensive). 

My one Christmas present usually consisted of a shirt or pair of pants for school.  Ah, but one year I received a real toy, a metal airplane.  That made me feel like I had won the lottery.  My uncle stepped on it and broke it on Christmas Day, and the joy in my life ended.  My most precious gift was bent and scarred.  A memory I will never forget.  You know where I’m going. 

Again it’s almost Christmas.  We have been given a gift which was beaten and scarred and hung on a tree.  Sadly, we don’t treat our gift as if it is the most precious we have ever received.  We sometimes ignore Him,  scar Him with sin and allow others to step on Him, curse Him, and abuse His name without the slightest protest. 

He is far greater than any toy and the joy of the gift is eternal.

May God forgive us this season for placing any gift above that of His son.

Remember the reason for the season.